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Tubebos Adult WordPress Theme

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Compatible with: Lates WordPress, Tubeace Grabber, Wptubeplugin, phpmyvideoblog and VideoSwiper

Jwplayer and Jwplayer Settings (Logo – Logo Link – Skin Selector)

Performer Page with thumbnails and possibility to attach any performer in any video or photo gallery

Sortable Performer Page (Videos and Photos

Sortable Videos and Photos

Favorited Videos Template

Favorited Photos Template

Like and DIslike System

Responsive Design and Seo Friendly

Advanced Theme Settings Panel

Style Settings

Logo and Favicon Uploader

Color Picker to change the accent color

Seo Settings

Default Video Description

Meta Description and Keywords

Layout Settings

Hide & Show Options

Number of Postts

Advertisements Manager

Bottom ADS

RIght ADS (Single Page)

MObile Top and Bottom ADS

Closable ADS on all type of players with jquery similar with inplayer ADS

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