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CookingPress WordPress Theme


CookingPress is a WordPress theme for foodies. This recipe theme will let you share all your recipes and cooking tips with wide audience. It’s one of the first WordPress recipe themes with support for Google Recipe View. What does it mean? it means that your blog will be understand not only by people, but also by search engines.
Current version: 2.1, FoodiePress: 1.2.1

Check our new theme:


Hi all, we’re back with the new CookingPress 2! It has been completely rewritten and is brand new theme which we want to improve and expand. If you already have previous version of CookingPress, be sure to make backups before you update your blog – your data will be fine and CP2 is compatible with previous version, but it’s better to be safe than sorry :) Learn more about new CookingPress below:

RickBakas says

After installing this theme almost 2 months ago I can say this is by far the best theme I’ve had on my blog since it was established in 2008. I LOVE it! My readers love it. The responsive design is awesome. The forethought in the design for little touches here and there is awesome. This takes blogging to a whole new level.

christianhanvey says

Firstly, purethemes, congratulations on an excellent theme. Not only does it look good, but it comes with an incredible amount of flexibility built in, and is one of the best wordpress themes I have worked with – thanks for your making it so good. If anyone else is unsure, let me tell you it is worth every penny.

gogenny says

Thank you for making this theme! It’s beautiful and makes my life a lot easier.

Each recipe is created via easy to use creator (with features like ingriedients autocompletion) and shown in standarized markup format (you can decide which one you prefer). When recipe information is marked up in web pages, Google may use that information to show rich snippets for recipe results, and for inclusion in Google with Recipe View.

Check these example is a collaboration by Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo! to improve the web by creating a structured data markup schema supported by major search engines. On-page markup helps search engines understand the information on webpages and provide richer results. Learn more on

It’s also responsive theme, it means that it will adapt to the device it’s viewed on. Let’s imagine situation when visitor of your blog really wants to make your recipe, but he doesn’t have a printer. With CookingPress he can just open it on iPad or iPhone, and take it to kitchen. Recipe will adapt to browser size, and he will see just things that are important to him. And even more, each ingriedient and instruction (if it’s a list) has checkbox next to it. Just touch it, click it, and mark it as done!

Adding recipes is easy, check screencast


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